Sick and tired almost no more!

For the past several years I have been fighting a general ailment that ranges from anything from headaches and insomnia to severe belly aches and nausea. It’s been tolerable up until the past three weeks. I’ve got all four things going on at full speed. This Thanksgiving I didn’t stuff myself silly because I just didn’t have the energy or the heart to make myself feel even more sick. I broke down and went to the doc today.

The doc thinks she has a diagnosis, which makes sense, but wants to send me out for more tests first. However, she gave me a huge supply of xanax (my favorite!) which will help calm my nerves and help me sleep at night. I told her about my addiction to ambien and pain pills and she feels that since I know I get addicted and admit to it that she can trust me with the xanax. I’m just glad that I might be getting some sleep tonight.

Oh, my illness? Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing. Especially out in public. The test? Just guess. I’m literally happy about this now though. I know what it is and I know there can be a way to control it. I don’t have to stay home or have to live on a diet of soup and crackers forever (which totally still make me sick).

t’s funny that I’ve been trying to cut down the number of prescription drugs I have to use daily. As of today I have three more! Oh well. C’est la vie!


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Any last second advice?

A week from tomorrow, my two final projects are due.  Yikes!  I’m beginning to feel the pressure.  I know I have the material.  I know I can do well on it.  It’s just that when the pressure hits hard at final time, I tend to fold.  I’m pretty sure that I almost failed my final project the last class I took three years ago.  I had a B, but I feel like I could have had an A if I had not tanked at the end.

I still have a high A in one class and a regular A in the other.  These projects are worth a quarter of my grade.  I really, really, really want to keep A’s all the way through.  I just need to remind myself to breathe and not freak out.

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How not to be thankful

Now I remember why I don’t take any time off to just stay at home.  Mom and I are already fighting and I haven’t even left my room yet!  I know it’s her cancer drugs that make her not hear and remember things, but learn to focus already!  If someone is talking to you, stop what you are doing and listen!  It will probably help you comprehend and retain the info.

I am sooo not taking any more time off to be here.  God, I can’t wait to graduate and get a better job so I can move the hell out.  Living on a secretary’s income really sucks.

Dad’s surgery

went really well!  He’s already home and talking about painting the fence.  Of course, he did fall asleep on the couch just now.  I think he’ll be feeling it a little later once his pain pills start wearing off.  He says he is going to go to DMV and have his license renewed tomorrow.  He was saying he’d be back at work by Monday and I really think he’s gonna do it.

Shoot, if it was me having surgery, I’d be milking it for every bit it’s worth.


I’m already thinking it is Saturday.  Why?  Because I’m at home cleaning and not at work.  I love that I’ve got the next six days all to myself and don’t have to even think about work.

This morning has been very productive.  I’ve already finished three loads of laundry, scrubbed my bathroom, vacuumed the hallway, scoured the microwave and baked cookies.  It seems like a lot, but it is barely the tip of the iceburg.

Family is coming over for Thanksgiving and everything has got to be right.  Dad had surgery this morning and mom is coming down with bronchitis.  A lot of this needs to be done while they are away and don’t have to  exposed to the cleaning chemicals and dust.  However, I did just try the cleaning the microwave with vinegar trick.  It worked really well, but the smell is not something I’d like to smell.  I’ll take the fresh scent of Pinesol any day! (Can I get paid for that plug?)

I’m off, the next batch of cookies are ready to come out of the oven and I still have to log into class sometime today and finish an assignment.


How many email accounts do you have?  Do you have one dedicated as a spam address?  How about one for IM purposes?  I only have three, but I’m looking to add another one, one for professional reasons.  I don’t want to be looking for a job with a strange email address.  When you have a fairly common name this is kinda hard.  It’d be awesome if I could use my current work address as a contact address on my resume.

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Consistent, I don’t know the meaning of

Remember the NaBloCoMo? Yeah, that went no where. Sure I did great Monday through Friday, but Saturday and Sunday really trip me up! I have a block against reading anything in my Google reader on those days.

So, you lucky few who got my comments? You’re welcome. I’m glad I could grace you with my presence.

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