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Too good for bullets

I’ve got a few things on my mind and want to get them out. Let’s start with the simple things.

See my new layout? Have I mentioned that I lurve Christmas? Well, I do. I also love white snowflakes on a red background and this is the closest I could get to it. *lurve*

Does anyone darn socks anymore? Another thing I lurve are my socks, specifically my frog socks. They go with my frog collection. My current pair of socks have so many hole in them and I really don’t want to throw them away retire them.

A co-worker quit last week. She is our transportation coordinator for Union County. Guess who got her work-load. And guess who has no clue what she is doing and has a client trying to travel to Duke University and guess what county doesn’t pay for those trips through Medicaid! My boss even has no clue how to do her job. I’m just following the girl’s notes as best I can and if I accidentally approve some people for transportation, then, oh well!

I got some sleep last night! Let me repeat myself – I. SLEPT. The whole night. I was in the exact same position that I was in when I fell asleep. I’m going to go french kiss my doc and tell her she has finally given me the miracle drugs. Seriously, my headaches are gone, my belly isn’t hurting and I haven’t been embarrassing myself in public. And I SLEPT!

Saw the movie The Hitman last night. Awesome! Boobs and violence. You can’t go wrong. Definitely not a movie for the kids, unless you let them play the video game, which in that case they already know all about it.

Well, that was quick, yet satisfying. I love Christmas! 😀


Sick and tired almost no more!

For the past several years I have been fighting a general ailment that ranges from anything from headaches and insomnia to severe belly aches and nausea. It’s been tolerable up until the past three weeks. I’ve got all four things going on at full speed. This Thanksgiving I didn’t stuff myself silly because I just didn’t have the energy or the heart to make myself feel even more sick. I broke down and went to the doc today.

The doc thinks she has a diagnosis, which makes sense, but wants to send me out for more tests first. However, she gave me a huge supply of xanax (my favorite!) which will help calm my nerves and help me sleep at night. I told her about my addiction to ambien and pain pills and she feels that since I know I get addicted and admit to it that she can trust me with the xanax. I’m just glad that I might be getting some sleep tonight.

Oh, my illness? Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing. Especially out in public. The test? Just guess. I’m literally happy about this now though. I know what it is and I know there can be a way to control it. I don’t have to stay home or have to live on a diet of soup and crackers forever (which totally still make me sick).

t’s funny that I’ve been trying to cut down the number of prescription drugs I have to use daily. As of today I have three more! Oh well. C’est la vie!

Catch up time

It seems that the country has been in a complete freeze. It is f-ing freezing down here! I tried to go for my nightly walk – outside, mind you – and I had to turn back 10 minutes in. I’ve been able to brave the past few weeks, but this one really is a doozy!

Work has really been – well – hard. IT dude turned in his two week notice. I’m applying for that job. We are getting new carpet in the whole agency and I’ve been drafted to hook and un-hook computers and phone lines. Apparently, that also includes moving furniture.

I’m ready to call in for a mental health day. But I’m saving that time up in case Timmy gives me a cruise for Valentine’s Day. *hint hint* Actually, it looks like he will be getting a puppy (and hopefully a kitten too! *hint hint*) for v-day.

It’s been an interesting adjustment living with him. I’d have to say the most challenging part is smelling Korean food. Who knew that something as good as rice cake (not to be confused with rice cakes that you eat on a diet) could smell so horrible when fried. Blech! I do have to say that sticky rice is soooo much better than that Uncle Ben’s crap I’ve been fed my whole life. I love eating meals of just rice and veggies! Who needs meat?!

As you can see, I finally have internet after work and this has to be the best addition to my life. I’m thoroughly happy – Tivo and internet. A girl can sleep good now! 🙂

I love snow days

I got to sleep in until 1:30 today. I can’t remember the last time I actually slept that long. I knew I wasn’t feeling well recently. This sleep has made me feel like a whole ‘nother person. I think I may go back to bed soon!

I need a new catch phrase

After two days of a lovely stomach bug, I’m back at work. I guess the good thing is I’m able to take it easy today, since I don’t look all that great. I’m not sure if I should take that as it is or be offended.
In just a week from today I will be preparing to leave for my first trip to PA. I checked the weather forecast and there are possible snow showers expected the day we leave. Woo hoo! If you are looking for me, I’ll be the idiotic southerner playing in the snow while the northern family looks on in disbelief. I’m totally going Calvin and Hobbes with my snowmen again this year.
I’ll be around the Pittsburgh area one day. I don’t think any of my readers are in Pittsburgh. I know Philly for sure, but I don’t think we’ll be traveling that way. Too bad for you!
In my time of illness I had a great desire to veg out in front of the PS2. Unfortch for me, I only have the two games that I’m done with. Today I took advantage of Blockbuster’s 2 for $10 deal. Hey – if I’m renting them I might as well get my money’s worth. I wish I had more patient for the cooler games that Timmy plays like The Godfather (which looks totally awesome) and Call of Duty. I’m still wanting to get on board with World of Warcraft. Something tells me I need more hours in the day if I’m going to complete everything I want to do in a day. Think it’s possible to play PSP at the gym while on the treadmill?


I can tell today is Cyber Monday. The internet is super slow at work today. Not that I’m shopping or making my wish list on… 🙂
I’ve been sick since Friday with a lovely head cold. Not happy with it at all. My walks the past few days have involved lots of, well, stuff. The Day-quil isn’t work so hot.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Lots of family, food and fun. Too bad I didn’t eat more food. I’m a little disappointed in my short attention span at the table. I barely had any turkey and now it’s all gone!
I think I feel another nap coming on. Not feeling so hot.

I should try this with bullets

This is the part of the day when I’m usually cranking it out. I’ve got a “project” looming over my head. It is a ridiculously huge time-waster and its all because I asked for something a little more challenging at work.
Seriously, did you know I do maybe an hour’s worth of work a day. The rest of the time is spent updating my ipod or reading or blogging or reading blogs.
No, I’m not really complaining. I’m glad for the work. I’m just in a really funky mood. My deodorant scent is too strong and it is driving me nuts. My stomach won’t stop growling no matter how much I eat. I hate basic arithmetic right now.
The good things that happened today? I made almost $50 on eBay today. And? I rejoined the gym. So, I feel really cool.