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to here… Geek Painted Pink.
Update your RSS feeds and come see the new look! 🙂


A Christmas Change

It doesn’t look different, but the address is different…

Geek Painted Pinkthe dot com version (I stole that from Nina).

Update those links and come see me at the new home!

Starting my own thing called NaBloCoMo

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t. November is NaBloPoMo (to place month here at the end would be redundant, but I found a way anyways!). I didn’t option in to actually participate, although I think I am going to beat October’s posts if I keep this up, but I thought I’d do something else.
I’m going to comment each day at least once on a blog I read. I know it isn’t much, but it’s a lot more than I’ve done in the past. If only half the people knew that I stalked read them everyday. I”m going to name it National Blog Commenting Month – NaBloCoMo, if you will. Watch for those comments to come in soon!

New tunes

Ok. I’ve had time to wake up. I added a new design to this place – something a little less chilling. I’m ready for spring to come around already!
Over to your right you will see a new widget – Sonific SongSpot. I will not have this on automatic start so I do not bombard you with music. However, if you’d like to hear the independent music tunes, help yourself. I’m in a yogic mood today so don’t get too excited about my choice. Plus, I recognized only two artists in the catalog.

Link Love

There isn’t a whole lot going on today. I just thought I’d share some links that have become some of my favorites. And, YES, I realize that I may be a day late, dollar short on some, but they will always hold a special place in my bookmarks.

  • Fafarazzi League
    Thank the Snarkwife for this wonderful link
  • youparklikeanasshole (seen yesterday at another blog)
  • iPhone – I love you
  • Stuff+Cats=Awesome Because I love this site
  • Cross-post

    This is a cross-post from MySpace.

    I’ve been sitting on this info for a couple of days. Didn’t know what to do with it. So, here it is.

    Just a little update. (with some background for those of you who don’t know)
    Some of you may know that my mom was diagnosed October 6, 2004 with endometrial stromal sarcoma. It has metastasized and spread to both of her lungs. She is stage 4-b which is terminal. The doctors really didn’t have much of a time frame, but gave her a pretty decent average. She has been under-going CT scans every six months to monitor the nodules in her lungs since those will be the cancer that kills her.
    On December 6, Mom found out that her lung cancer has grown 70% since May.
    Stromal sarcoma’s do not respond well to traditional cancer treatments. Mom cannot have chemo or radiation as the amount of poison it would take to eradicate the cancer would kill her. Tamoxifin is no longer reigning in her estrogen (which is what her cancer is feeding on).
    There is an experimental treatment that works on intestinal stromal sarcomas. Mom will be under-going a genetic marker test to determine if she carries the type that will respond to this treatment. The treatment cost? $2500.00 per month.
    Basically, no one knows what to do. This type of cancer is so rare that doctors really don’t know how to treat it since most patients who are diagnosed with this level of cancer are dead within six months.
    I’m still really numb. It usually takes me about a month to process this type of information. At least it did the first time. I figure I better get the facts out while I still can. If you have any suggestions…
    Please pray or think good thoughts, send karma, anything.

    Top 5 in happiness

    I forgot to mention it when I saw it. Missy made the Stuff on my Cat website! Yay!
    Here she is in all her glory…
    (click to embiggen)
    Missy and Kermit


    Apparently, once a week postings are not enough!

    I must admit that last week was a bit of a rollercoaster.   I had some really funny stuff I wanted to mention, but I’m pretty sure you had to be there.

    I dyed my hair twice in those seven days.  Let’s just say that the platinum blond was an accident and now the gray from the ash blond looks so aging.  I’m in the middle of a temporary color to correct it.  I’m really glad I’m getting back to my natural color.  Much less maintence, ok, much less money.

    I’d also like to admit that I’ve been hiding from someone at the gym.  And it really sucks.  I have no reason to avoid, only my own shame of weight gain.  You know, its like the whole avoiding the class reunion cause I gained like 80 pounds since graduation.  And – did you know it is possible to put on thirty pounds in six months!   WTF!

    Ok, so onwards!  Better everything from here on out.  And this may or may not include blogging. 🙂

    Blogging in my dreams

    I had another one of those nights where I composed an kick-ass post in my head… as I was falling asleep. I also wrote a kick-ass email begging people to attend the festival which I am pimpin’…hard. Yes, this white girl pimps. Especially when I’m the secretary of NCSSA and I’m also the only one who didn’t go to the conference in New Bern, NC. Back to my blogging dilemma.
    Do I remember it? No. Did it make me dream about blogging? Yes.
    I dreamt about Miss Zoot. Except in the dream I couldn’t remember her real name and I ended up calling everybody with their “Z” names. Oh yes, it was the whole Zoot family… at the Renaissance Festival.
    I’m such a dork.

    October 24

    Today is the one year anniversary for this job. I have completed my first year at DSS. I was talking with a co-worker today and we were picking out the changes since I began. She says that I even look different. She was trying to remember the outfit I wore on my first day (it was a fuzzy, pink sweater and dress khakis and my awesome pointy-toe khaki heels). The reason I remember? Because the girl in the office across from my cube pointed out how girly I look. And the sweater is commemorated on my badge. Lucky me.
    In the past year I have grown my hair out and had 6 inches cut off. I’ve gone from brunette to blonde. I’ve gotten my acrylic nails put on and taken off more times than I can count. (Currently, they are off and I seriously need them back on)
    I have become a serious book nerd and a much more serious computer geek. I fell in love with my iPod and my boyfriend. (not in that order)

    And none of this is chronicled here. Ha! Nor anywhere cause I deleted my domain and I’m starting over. Great, huh?

    I’d also like to mention I feel sick *cough cough* and I might go home. No, for real!

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