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It’s A New Year!

Well, almost. I’ll have to admit, 2009 has not been a good year for many things. My car has seen better days – all before I owned it. It’s pretty much been out of commission since Thanksgiving Day.
I’m hoping tonight proves to be better and that 2010 is a million times better.


Not much as usual

Another day down at work and I feel like I’ve been tied down and beaten. There is nothing more demeaning than working in customer service. It makes me have a bit more appreciation for other CSRs, but there are still those people who are still a-holes and they don’t get my respect as a customer.
I’m finding the internet more and more boring which disturbs me. Either I am ‘growing up’ or I am becoming more ADD. I don’t want either. Maybe its a memory thing because it seems that I am watching Angels & Demons for a second time. Crap. Getting older sucks…

I’m back again

The internet has become infiltrated by too many people.  My mom is now on facebook and she is spending so much time on there!  I have no freedom of speech anymore! 🙂 Mostly I’ve misssed being able to say something.  Maybe I can bring this back or not.  Time will tell.