Mom’s and geeks

Ok, so today I have two things.  One, why do women fear becoming their mothers?  I for one am terrified of this.  In my mind I have a great reason and I know I can keep myself from reaching that point, but in my mind there is a real terror of this future.  This may be why I feel so hurt when she tells me that I can’t do something (i.e. I can’t go to college because I never follow through with things).  Ok, maybe that is her just being a dream-killer.  Do you fear becoming your mom?  Not just the phrases that every mom uses (“Dont’ make me pull this car over…”), but little nuances that makes her her.

Two – does geek = loser?  It does in the mind of  I am looking into buying another domain name – It’s been a year doing the free thing and I think I’ve got something that really fits me now.  Yeah, yeah, fit since it’s my name and all, but I just want something different.  Something… pink.  Be on the lookout for it – it’s my Christmas gift to myself this year.


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  1. donna Said:

    I do fear becoming my mother but more because I see her turning more into her mother, who is an awful person. And I wonder if that’s just the curse of our family. I love my mom, but I would never want to go through life thinking the way she does and bottling every thought, feeling or emotion I have up so tight. It ain’t pretty with the cork blows on that, let me tell you! She drags up shit from YEARS ago and I just want to say, “Why didn’t you mention it THEN instead of now when I can’t do anything to fix it??”

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