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Bitch session about family

I’m about at my wits end.  I love my niece, I love her to death.  She’s in her terrible, horrible un-tameable twos.  I really resent my sister for not bringing her up better.  For not teaching her to not throw fits, for giving her who knows how much candy and then making me put her to bed.  I HATE my sister for being a slut and getting pregnant again.  I’m not a mom and I don’t want to be one – especially not now.  I don’t want to take care of a kid.  I don’t have the patience to deal with the “no!” and “I don’t wanna” and the crying.  My fucking god.  I’m going to kill someone.  I should not have to do this if it isn’t mine.  How much fucking longer is this going to last?


It is official

I have found the internet boring.  What now?

Slack ass punk co-workers

Why is there never a good time to take a pre-planned mental health day?  I’d really like to take a day off from work, but I’ve gotten myself into so many committees and commitments that I can’t find a day off.   All I want to do is take an extra day to sleep in and do homework and make jewelry.

One of the duties keeping me busy right now is organizing a breakfast to feed 230+ people plus the costume contest.  I feel like I’m pulling teeth without Novocaine to ask people to volunteer for stuff!  Seriously, either bring a $5 item or forget about eating.  It’s all for a good cause anyways.

My precious… sleep

I don’t know what is worse, plain old insomnia or insomnia while on ambien.  I am dying to get a good night’s sleep and it just isn’t coming.  I haven’t been this tired in ages.  Delirium is soon to follow, maybe I can be funny then.

School work is staying caught up.  I’m trying to work ahead in my classes so I can make sure to keep a high GPA.  Who knew that the girl who barely graduated would have great grades one day.

My niece is becoming a heaping pile of two-year-old angst.  Holy crap!   I had no idea the terrible twos were so terrible.  Her vocabulary is big enough to be a real smart ass sometimes.  She’s great birth control though.  I’m wanting to have my tubes tied right about now.

Sorry for the bland-ness.  I’m too damn tired to try to be funny or even produce content.  I have homework to do and work to finish.

I got that Barenaked Ladies song in my head

It has been a long, yet, short, two weeks since…

  • I broke my toe – two weeks ago today. I’m finally wearing shoes, but I discovered today that my toe isn’t ready for my awesomely cute Chuck Taylors. And I’m stuck with no other choice but to wince when I walk.
  • I began school. Well, technically it’s been three weeks now. I have six more weeks until this block/quarter ends. This is a year-round school and if I continue to study for the CLEP exam I can test out of some of my classes. However, my mom took the Humanities portion and failed miserably. She’s an art teacher! I thought she knew her art appreciation stuff! I think I might be in some serious trouble.
  • I started wishing I could wash my car without the fear of our well running dry. I’m also about to lobby that our family follow the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule in the bathroom. Maybe we can use bleach tablets if we do it. Might be better on the septic system if we do that anyways.
  • Speaking of the septic system… that’s the only place we have to mow in all five acres of our yard.
  • I got DSL and I’m in love. I actually looked into purchasing World of Warcraft. But then I realized that I don’t even have time to watch everything on the DVR much less get obsessed with another world. My poor Kingdom of Loathing dude is probably wondering where the hell I am.  If you aren’t playing KoL, you really should.
  • I’ve got two weeks to prepare a Halloween Breakfast and Costume Party for work.  Does anyone know about how to go begging to companies for donations to a non-for-profit group doing a fund raiser?


I’ve had two full weeks of school now.  I’m enjoying it a lot.  It was a true test of commitment this week since I had to travel for a conference for work.  I loved Hickory.  Now my decision of where to live has had another city added to it.  In case you are keeping track it is now Wilmington, NC, Hickory, NC, Charlotte, NC or Raleigh, NC.  Yes, I am staying in the state.  I just want the opportunity to try a new city.  I know I love Boone, but I just can’t see myself around all that snow and coldness.

So, school.  It’s great.  I’ve decided to go for a bachelors rather than associates degree.  In the long run it will pay off much better.  Plus, I can test out of a lot of the classes and save myself some time.

I finally learned my lesson for hard drive back up.  I’ve been looking into backing up my ipod.  It’s two years old and I wanted to move all the music on to one hard drive rather than three different ones.  So I went ahead.  Wouldn’t you know, two days later my ipod crashed and I had to restore it!  Maybe it crashed because of the back up, but I’m glad I did it.

My new laptop has Vista (I’ll gripe about that later) and it says it doesn’t need to have a back-up disk made.  I think that is just Microsoft’s way to make sure you need to buy all new software later.  Humph!  You better believe I’m going to back up this thing on a disk.  Things are too screwy as it is.  Vista sucks hairy balls.

Good Gravy!

School is proving to be very interesting.  Apparently, there is no testing to get into these courses.  A select few people can not use correct grammar to save their life!  I’m talking so bad that I can not put the whole sentence together.  I don’t know whether to cry or laugh or tattle-tale.  Seriously, people.  Use Correct Grammar!  I should make that my tag-line since I’m always harping on other people.

The two classes I am in are only English, general education, courses.  It’s a good thing I like English. I’m hoping that some of these people will fail out or leave.  Yeah, that’s mean, but do I look like I care?  THEY USE BAD GRAMMAR!

The secret is out of the bag

I had been holding back, not telling anyone so that I didn’t curse it.  I’ve had really bad experiences with school.  There’s a little bit in these archives, but most it was deleted with the last blog.  Let’s just say, I’ve been trying (half-heartedly) to get a degree.   I found the perfect school for me now.

First class is today.  I’ve been logging in and reading the bio’s of my classmates.  We range from the recently high school graduate to late 50’s with grand kids.  You all know my hate of incorrect grammar – this class is going to be a blogging heaven!  No one can spell – they haven’t activated the spell check that comes in the chat rooms.  One dude even spelled his name wrong! Brain!  Unless that’s his nickname and if so, I’m in trouble.

If you thought that my own attendance at this place was sparse already imagine how bad it is going to be now that I have something else to take me away from you.