Of blood and dreams

Third time’s a charm. Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyways. I’m giving blood today. The past two times have been slightly eventful. First I fainted, the second I got sick. I’m hoping today is uneventful – if not, maybe it’ll be big blow out. That poor guy I fainted on has been wary of me ever since.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I’ve had other times where I’ve dreamed about other bloggers. I’ve never had a dream about a podcaster. I regularly listen to CNET.com podcasts – I’ve got to get my tech news! Well, even though she left and no longer participates regularly she must have been on my mind. Who? Veronica Belmont. It involved me being chased by a bear during the bike race I was doing. BTW – she had a really cool apartment.


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