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Its about damn time

Sweet holy mother of jeebus!  Apparently in the past few months I have been under surveillance by the IT department (which is scary with all the “illegal” things I do on the net every day).  I offered my knowledge back in December and some following months for various things.  Yesterday I was invited to a training that covers what I’ve been studying on my own to gain my A+ certification.  Today, IT recommended that I be added to the IT support!  OMFG!  This is what I have been waiting for!

They still aren’t going to help pay for any education, but I finally got my fucking foot in the door.


You so funny

I love to read my stats.  Especially the search terms.  Today’s search: “texting language argh.”

Ahahahahahahaha! The funny part is the argh.

An open letter to co-workers

Dear Girl Who Occupies the Cube behind Me:

Please, for the love of all that is holy and sane, stop making bodily function noises.  Seriously!  I’m about to die over here and I know you’d be mortified to know that WE ALL CAN HEAR YOU and one of us laughs at you.  If you do do (heh) those noises, just don’t politely say excuse me in a quiet voice.  One day I will hit the floor laughing and I might not stop.

At least you supply me with endless blog fodder.  Bless you and your gassy heart.



Not all Mondays suck

I’m glad that the texting language is becoming more popular.  I constantly think in text, but have to say the whole sentence just so other people know what I saying.  Because seriously?  I want to be able to say WTF as W.T.F and have people know what I’m saying.  WTF, ppl.

Right now I’m listening to some drunk ass fool trying to get us to pay for something.  Hello.  If you are so drunk that you are yelling your slurred words, I’m thinking you’ll be leaving by escort of the local sheriff.

On a WTF note.  Why the hell didn’t someone tell me that Bath and Body Works discontinued the only lotion I like.  Sun-Ripened Raspberry.  WTH?  I don’t like any other scent and I have only a few drops left.  The cashier said it would be back for Christmas, but still.  Only a twice a year scent?  I thought this was a popular lotion – popular enough to keep it on the shelves year round.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get nosy on Drunk-y Drunkerson.

Of blood and dreams

Third time’s a charm. Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyways. I’m giving blood today. The past two times have been slightly eventful. First I fainted, the second I got sick. I’m hoping today is uneventful – if not, maybe it’ll be big blow out. That poor guy I fainted on has been wary of me ever since.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I’ve had other times where I’ve dreamed about other bloggers. I’ve never had a dream about a podcaster. I regularly listen to podcasts – I’ve got to get my tech news! Well, even though she left and no longer participates regularly she must have been on my mind. Who? Veronica Belmont. It involved me being chased by a bear during the bike race I was doing. BTW – she had a really cool apartment.

Oh noes!

I dropped my ipod headphones in a bowl of water! Argh! I hate shopping for new ear bud headphones. I never get a good kind. I love these ones that came with the ipod and I’m not willing to spend $15 on a new pair. Maybe I should just buy a new ipod – this one is 1 1/2 years old anyways. And it has a crack in the screen and the film that covers the black part is full of hair-line cracks you can only see when you tilt at a certain angle. I am suck a klutz. If I go out and buy another one this will make my 3rd in three years. Maybe I’ll hold off…

Any suggestions though for good sounding headphones – that don’t cost $15. Otherwise I’ll just buy apple brand…

Oh yeah – yes, I tried drying them out.  No, it didn’t completely work.  The sound in one is tinny and makes me feel like I’m off balance.

HTML question

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of the web pages I visit are not interpreting the html correctly.  I was about to comment about it on the website, when I thought – it might be me.  Or my browser specifically.  Anyone have an suggestions as to why Firefox would suddenly stop displaying the symbol when html is entered?   That’s all.  Maybe more later – but don’t hold your breath…

[random comments]

My eyebrows are falling out.  I don’t know why.  I just thought you’d like to know.   Maybe it’s related to the constant darvocet in my system.  Nah – that just explains the constant sleepy smile on my face.

So, the job with Wingate U  is a no-go.  The salary was way too low.  I’m a little disappointed, but at least I still have a good job.  So no complaints.

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time after my steroid shot.  Have I told you what a freaking miracle that shot is?  I think I might ask for one in my other knee.  For years, I’ve always had my feet go numb when doing certain things – exercising being one of them.  When I told my doc this, he mentioned that the nerve that runs around me knee may be getting cut off due to my knee swelling.  Last night I had one numb foot (that kept falling off the pedal – yes, I chose the only one without those foot holder thingys) and one foot that had 90% feeling.

I just looked at my calendar and realized I still have it on August.  [/random comments]

Monday catch up

For a Monday, today is pretty good.  Ok, so, my family is sick (Dad has rocky mountain spotted tick fever and Caitlin has the croup) and that isn’t so great, but I am finally well so *pbbt*.

I’m heading to the gym for the first time in weeks.  My knee pain has finally subsided thanks to that wonderful cortisone shot.  Sure the pain was pretty bad, but I can bend and twist and sit on my knee!  It has been more than a month that I’ve been able to do any of that!  I’ll be taking is “easy” at the gym, though.  No more high impact stuff – I’m riding the bike and elliptical from here on out.

Also?  Wingate University called for a phone interview today!  Eeek!  I believe I aced it and expect a follow-up in person interview.  It would be a substantial raise and I’d be able to attend school for free!  That was my plan to get past the stupid government rules where I fall through the financial aid cracks.  Assistant to the Dean of Admission.  That’s my kind of job.  Especially when it involved $6k more a year.

Late is better than never

Um, oops! I got tagged back in July! and I never did it. Let me catch up quickly. Amanda asks,

You’re stranded on a desert island. With no one around. Like worse than Lost.

Luckily, you have 5 books with you. What are they?”

1. Ok, so my first choice is a set. I’m counting it as one because I can. I’m bringing the Harry Potter series. If this island is truly crap, than I’m gonna want to read something imaginative.

2. Life of Pi by Yann Martel. At least he survives… right?

3. The Ruins by Scott Smith. This is my first horror novel. I finished it in record time. It would leave me terrified of the island at night. Want to know why? Read it…

4. The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

5. Carl Hiaasen – whatever I can grab on the boat out to this island.

There you go! My five choices. Who do I tag? You, you, you, you annnnnd you.

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