Quality time

I’ve taught my niece a few new things.  The first is the word nasty.  Fortunately, she’s only used it to refer to the dogs, but you never know what she is doing at school.  The second is the word punks.  Ok, seriously.  There are some major punks who live around us.  I’m hoping the local farmer’s lose patience with them and show the the wrong side of the gun.

The third and final thing that is totally awesome.  She now blames her farts on the dog.  Yes!  My job as an aunt is done.



  1. Nina Said:

    hahaha I love teaching kids funny stuff. When my great-nephew was maybe 1, I taught him to say shitty. So when he needed his diaper changed he’d say “momma, I’m shitty!” hehe

  2. Stacy Said:

    I wish I would have learned to blame my farts on the dog at an earlier age. You’re a good aunt. I’ll try to be as good to my nephew. They have three large dogs so it shouldn’t be tough pinning it on them.

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