While I’m at it…

This comes from a co-worker’s email to the whole agency. I need to start a grammar police category.

I have a sofa, entertainment center, and treadmill for sell.

Sell, not sale. Yeah, yeah. I’m being picky, but it just goes to show you the … country education everyone out here gets. My (future) children will not attend a school that cannot teach kids the difference between homonyms.

Also, dating (or the act of trying) sucks. I hate being led on.

Bleh – bad mood.


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  1. Nina Said:

    You’re not alone in this grammar thing. It bugs me to no end when people mess up your/you’re and their/there/they’re. And I’m sure there are a million other things like this that people are always doing. Did they even go to school??

    It’s much worse when they’ve actually used your instead of you’re when making some sort of graphic. If I was going to all that trouble, I’d at least make sure I was using the proper words.

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