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Quality time

I’ve taught my niece a few new things.  The first is the word nasty.  Fortunately, she’s only used it to refer to the dogs, but you never know what she is doing at school.  The second is the word punks.  Ok, seriously.  There are some major punks who live around us.  I’m hoping the local farmer’s lose patience with them and show the the wrong side of the gun.

The third and final thing that is totally awesome.  She now blames her farts on the dog.  Yes!  My job as an aunt is done.


I say hello and you say good bye

Some how, I went from zero social life to social butterfly.  My weekends are becoming full and I think I’ve partied myself into sickness.  Just a little rumble in the chest – nothing a little whiskey won’t cure.  And probably some sleep would help too.

The doctors appointment I had went – well, it was pretty crappy.  I’m off for an MRI to confirm torn cartilage in my knee.  Boo!  I think this doc must get paid by the referral – he immediately suggested surgery.  I hope he knows that I’m leaving his office after the follow up and going to go through PT first.  Union county really sucks with quality anything.  The hospital will kill you, the docs are backwards, the residents are dumb and the pay really sucks.  I miss the city.

On a good note… I finally found my next tattoo.  I’ve been searching for the right one forever.  It’s been four years since my last one and it’s high time I got another.  I’m running out of places to place them discreetly (read: where my mom can’t see them right away and then bitch at me).  I’ve actually got two designs and if I can work a deal with the artist I might get both at the same time.  There is nothing like the adrenaline rush you get and the feeling afterward when you look at it in the mirror.  At least the tattoo shop selection down here is good.  I’m trying to convince my friend to get her first one.  Maybe I’ll force her into going with me.  Anyone else wanna join me?  It’ll be great! 🙂


Isn’t it funny when you get upset at someone else’s quirks.  Quirks that you also have – and display.  Remind me to stop sighing at my desk, even if I think no one else can hear me.  It’s really annoying.

I’m finally going to the doctor after waiting three weeks for an injury to heal itself.  I don’t think a knee can spontaneously heal itself and now the the pain has moved into disturbing my sleep it is time for a doctors opinion.

My niece is at the age where she is learning to obsess over things.  First, it was Elmo’s fish Dorothy.  I went a bought a fish tank and bought 4 Dorothys and a “shark.”  Already one Dorothy has died, but since there were so many and they all look the same she hasn’t noticed.  I learned over the weekend that she tried fishing one out of the tank with the net so she could take it home with her.  What a smart little devil.

Her new cartoon character is Dora the Explorer.  Since she is the first grandbaby/niece, my mom and I spoil the crap out of her.  She’s been wearing a baby doll carrier as a backpack and calling it “Backpack” – just like on Dora.  So what did Mom and I do?  We went and found a Dora backpack and bought a map to go inside.  We are such suckers.  Of course, now I have to learn how to count in Spanish and to learn how to say these words in this book.  Why can’t someone on my reading level not be able to pronounce estrellas, which I am assuming means stars.  I’m heading over to the interpreters office so she can read it to me.

Dating hiatus

I haven’t spoken much about my break up with Timmy.  Some of you may remember him from way back when – like when I was Annie from the Block (god- remember that blawg?).  I was so convinced that he was it.  I *knew* it.  However, I was wrong.  It took living together to prove it.  I really hate that we’ve parted ways.  He is/was my bestest friend in the whole wide world, y’all!  Now I’m moving on – again.

That being said.  I am sooo enjoying the single life.  Sure, I gave up binge drinking years ago, but now that I’ve been introduced to social drinking and a nice, high-class bar things are turning around.  AND – the highlight of my 20’s…  I’m going to a drag show in a couple of weeks!  One of my other best friends is gay and his birthday is coming up.  We are headed to the drag club and I am going to love it!   I can’t wait to meet his flamboyant friend, Billy.

I’ve been meeting lots of new people too.  Some lawyers, deputies, nurses.   Showing off my mad pool skillz.   I had no idea what I have been missing.  Why didn’t someone tell me sooner?!


I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for quite a while now.  I wanted to say something, but family had to be told first.  And No!  I’m not pregnant, but my sister is!  I’m going to be an aunt again!  Without getting too graphic, my sister apparently has a favorite month.  This new baby is due a few days after my nieces birthday.

She is only 10 weeks along so we don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but there have been guesses.  We ask Caitlin what mommy will have and she replies with ‘my brother.’  She already has twin brothers (long story) and she sees them at least once a week.  You’d think she’d want a sister or something.

I don’t know if it is related to my sister being pregnant, but Caitlin has really been playing with her babies.  As much as I love my niece sometimes I’m glad she is learning to play on her own so I can get stuff done.  Like watching my tv rather than spongebob.

Ok, I lurve me some Spongebob, but I have to have some adult shows too.  I’m a little behind on watching new shows.  I’ve recently discovered that cable networks have awesome line-ups, especially during the summer lull.  BBC America has become a new obsession for me.  I lurve Hotel Babylon.  USA has Psych.  TNT has The Closer and some other show I tivo.  TLC has LA Ink, which has made me want another tattoo.   And due to my podcast listening habit, Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galatica and Eureka are my new favs.

And good grief – I think I love Mike Rowe.  *sigh*  He’s so dreamy!

While I’m at it…

This comes from a co-worker’s email to the whole agency. I need to start a grammar police category.

I have a sofa, entertainment center, and treadmill for sell.

Sell, not sale. Yeah, yeah. I’m being picky, but it just goes to show you the … country education everyone out here gets. My (future) children will not attend a school that cannot teach kids the difference between homonyms.

Also, dating (or the act of trying) sucks. I hate being led on.

Bleh – bad mood.

Bitching – now in session

It looks like today will be a gigantic stress ball.

I love my job, really, I do.  I don’t mind being a secretary.  Honestly?  I dreamed that I’d have something better by now, but I guess that is what happens when you blow off college right out of high school.  (Hear that kids?  Get a degree!  Cause once you’re an adult you are totally screwed for financial aid at this age.)

I love that people realize my potential and know that I can teach.  I have a great understanding of computers and software; it comes naturally.  I don’t love – the government and it’s wiley ways.  There is a database.  It is brand spanking new.  I’ve never used it.  And today it is live.  And I have to teach the agency how to use it.  200+ people.  How to use a non-functional database where the state forgot Union County even existed!

I am so frustrated!  I think I need to look at some pictures of puppies and kittens.

PS – that fish I thought was dead?  As soon as I went to scoop him up, he came back to life!  Scooby lives!

It happened so fast

So.  It has been a while, huh?  I’m sure some things have happened.  You know, like I moved around the computer on my desk.  We began a new fiscal year here at work.  I got a new fish tank and want lots and lots more fish.  You know – the usual.

Oh yeah.  I joined a gym and have personal trainers.  That’s right!  More than one.  Okay, it’s only because they are on rotation, but I feel good, yet spaghetti like.  I found a muscle under my armpit that I never knew I had!  Imagine that!  I have high hopes for my 30th birthday and weight loss.  I know, I know.  I don’t want to bore you with the details, but …

We interrupt this blog to tell you that I think Scooby the beta fish may have died sometime between the time I moved my computer and now.  Maybe I should have cleaned out their tank earlier.

It’s official.  Scooby is now in the great big toilet bowl in the sky.  Lets have a moment of silence.  Poor Shaggy!  Who is he going to talk too now?  I bet he’ll be happy cause he’ll have the whole tank to himself and won’t have a stinking divider.

Well, that was a good way to break things up.  Maybe I’ll get better at doing things, like blogging and cleaning out the fish tank, more regularly.