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I’m a total loser

Ahh, yes.  Another swift kick in the (non-existent) nuts.

That financial aid that I qualified for?  Taken away from me.  After I’ve already registered for classes and gotten excited and had high hopes for a future that may actually be worth talking about.

Now, I’m stuck working for the fucking government, in a fucking minion job that is being eliminated because no one needs secretaries anymore.   All because I didn’t think I’d need a fucking education when I grew up.  Now I’m going to end up being 50 and stuck as a grouchy, smelly cat-lady secretary who knits doiles.


Spoiler-free so far!

Ha ha!

Gone are the days where I’d stay out at Bar Charlotte.  In are the days where I stay up to hit the bookstore so I can begin reading my Harry Potter book at (or most likely soon after) 12:01 AM.  Oh yea, I’m taking my camera and I believe I will take pictures with my cell phone and send them to flickr for a quick celebration.

I was worried about being alone at the Harry Potter party, but I just found out that I can show up at 11:30 and wait in line rather than have to go through all of the dressing up stuff.  Which.  I kinda have a little dressing up in my blood and I think it’d be lots of fun.  But a little embarrassing…  especially if the internet were to see evidence of it.

Because I work for the government…

and I like to comment on government worker’s habits.


And then, because I am happy.  I got a full grant for school.  I enrolled and am looking forward to actually beginning a degree program.  I am a little shocked that my books are going to cost $4 cheaper than my actual tuition (community college, not a university).  I’m also glad that my test scores were excellent in English and mediocre in math – but enough to not have to take remedial classes.  🙂


Yes, it has been a while. I think that the whole budget thing set me back a bit. Things are fine, we found the money. The state has sent in the new fiscal year money and now we start all over.

If you’ve known me for a while you’ll remember some of the following coming up in years past. I have been trying for years to get financial aid for school. Every year I fill out my FAFSA and every year my EFC is above any sort of aid. This year I got aggressive and spoke with a different financial aid officer and found my mistake. This is the first year I am getting aid! I will finally be able to register for more than one class at a time! My time will become much more precious now. Of course, getting my Associate’s Degree in two years might be a little out of my league, but I’m sure 3 years is achievable. Who knew that 11 years after I graduated I’d go back to school and actually make something of myself. It’s about damn time, right?