Oops! My bad!

I read a lot about Sweet Blogging High and all the drama going on.  I’ve been glad that I don’t comment a lot of places.  There is a good reason for it.

I love Fafarazzi.  Love. It.  However, I felt that I needed to be a more contributing person in the forum community.  I opened my big mouth in one of the leagues because a – I wasn’t contacted ahead of time and b- its my period and dude am I an emotional wreck this time around.  So, unlike last time when I didn’t pay attention and accidentally drafted Paris, Lindsay and Britney I just dropped out without any word.  This time I said that it should have been in the league rules.   And my mouth is too big…

I’m still dropping out, but I just hate that these girls are upset now and now I have drama written all over me.  Crap.



  1. Amanda Said:

    Hey, Bananaster. I got your blog address from Fafa, and thought I would visit b/c why not?/what else does someone bored on the internet have to do?

    I just want to let you know that all is good with Fafa. No drama. No upset.

    In fact, I wanted to tell you, I realized after reading the league discussion board that I have (and I bet all the other players on the league) been in your shoes and felt the same pang, and actually it all made me appreciate you as a person because suddenly you were real in this so-unreal-internet-world.

    I guess I’m just saying you’re not alone and no worries.

    Hope to be in a league with you soon.


  2. Kristin Said:


    TooCool sent me your blog address. I just want to weigh in, too. I love your blog, and I’m glad I visited–you seem great, and I’m seriously upset that you quit the league. I was upset that you quit before I visited the blog.

    It’s hard to tell on the internet, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that there were really no hard feelings–we knew it would be taken care of and the conversation was just about getting it taken care of.

    It may not have seemed like it, but we weren’t trying to elbow you out or make you feel like you were “bad” :). And we’re all aware this is just a fantasy game….and we’re all probably involved in more than one league :).

    Sorry about my weighing into the “drama” in the forum. I don’t usually talk in those things, and I didn’t realize that the league was open before I started my blathering.

    We all have too much real-world b.s. to be too caught up in this to begin with.

    Thanks for your blog.

    Dannielynn’s Fathe

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