New Study from Cambridge: Bad moods are caused by lack of sleep

You know what really sucks – not sleeping and having a super busy schedule at work.  The only day I could have even thought about taking a “sick” day was Monday.  Today is Tuesday and here I am.  At work.  Exhausted.  I have an important meeting today to elect officers for one of the committees.  I’m trying to get out of being secretary.  I’d like to take over treasurer or vice-president.

Tomorrow, I have some computer classes that I am teaching.  Tomorrow marks the first of six classes in the next three weeks.

Thursday, I get to sleep in until 8 AM.  I am returning to court as a witness for the state.  Have I mentioned that I will never again stop at an accident when I could possible be called as a witness, cause I won’t.

Friday, I might take a half day.  I have front desk duties which will royally suck ass.

 I just got back from a very bad lunch.  Let’s just say that the whole hour was full of the f-bomb, son of a bitch, and a few other words just to create a variety.  Ask Timmy.  He listened to all of on the phone with me.  No, it wasn’t directed towards him.  I was directing it at the Universe.  Fucking Universe. *shakes fist at the heavens*


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  1. Katie Bonk Said:

    I went to bed at 8pm last night after snapping at the hubby for no good reason. It was Very Nice to have 10 hours of sleep! (But weird going to bed before sunset!)

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