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Your government at work

Well shit (rated r).

As a government employee, it is my duty to spend money inappropriately, mismanage funds and have 6 other people standing over the same job while we watch some kiss-ass do all the work.  Today, I am re-doing a budget and somehow we can’t find $64,000.00.  Oops!  And we have to have this budget turned in by 1:30.



In an effort to make this blog ‘Rated R’

I’m tired. I know, that’s not really rated r material, but I figure if I throw in a couple of bitches, ass, and fuck I can get it up there pretty damn quick.

One of my job functions is to reply to emails sent to the social workers that request information. We got in a request today for adult day care centers and senior activities. These people are new to Union County.

We have been getting a lot of requests and ‘comments’ about how little Union County has to offer. Well, duh you f-ing idiots! If you did your homework about your community before you moved you would know Union County is one of the leading counties in North Carolina for AGRICULTURE! There are more cows and chickens than people. Many, many acres are devoted to growing soybean, wheat and corn, and a little cotton thrown in for good measure. My closest neighbor isn’t that close. The closest store is over 30 minutes away. Target, my precious Target, is 45 minutes away. There is NOTHING but poor, broke people with no community in Union County!

We have two adult day cares. If these people are smart enough to hit the Union County website (which I helped re-design) and get my co-workers name, then they could very easily find the statistics for this county.

I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make the email response rated r or just tell them, you are on your own to find a support system in this county. Hell, I have one friend and he lives in the neighboring county. All my other friends are online. Which is why I am considering joining a church or something to make new friends. Even though I’m not really a church person and due to recent events am more of an agnostic than a christian. Whatever.

Gotta love it!

Borrowed from Joz

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

I made it to rated r, but only because of the word bitch (once) and suck (twice). It doesn’t take much now does it. And where does the work fuck come into play?

F*’d me up, dude.

I’m off to teach my class now, but before I go I have to share this with you…
there is supposed to be a video here… now it has to wait until I’m done teaching… brb

How about a link to it since the embedding link isn’t going to work…


I’ve been thinking more and more about the festival I’ll be at in September. I’m wondering if there will be enough product to really make an impact and draw in customers. I’m also running out of inspiration. Where did my muse go? Just the other day she was telling me about this fantastic idea. Maybe it has run its course since I ran out of those particular beads. I’ve added two new things into the lineup: toe rings and eye glasses holder things. Does anyone know the technical/familiar term for that? I don’t think that’ll look so hot as a description. And no, these are not listed on the website. Real life purchases only.
I really do have some fan-tab-ulous ideas, but honestly? I don’t have the market to be making highly priced items. And going cheap is hard to do since I have to compete with ‘Made in China’… I have had people (at work) tell me to my face that they don’t purchase the expensive stuff like mine. She’d rather have the cheap, plastic stuff. Her words, not mine.
So, where is this going? No where. I’m just looking for inspiration (and killing time). That is all.

Oops! My bad!

I read a lot about Sweet Blogging High and all the drama going on.  I’ve been glad that I don’t comment a lot of places.  There is a good reason for it.

I love Fafarazzi.  Love. It.  However, I felt that I needed to be a more contributing person in the forum community.  I opened my big mouth in one of the leagues because a – I wasn’t contacted ahead of time and b- its my period and dude am I an emotional wreck this time around.  So, unlike last time when I didn’t pay attention and accidentally drafted Paris, Lindsay and Britney I just dropped out without any word.  This time I said that it should have been in the league rules.   And my mouth is too big…

I’m still dropping out, but I just hate that these girls are upset now and now I have drama written all over me.  Crap.

I quit.

No two words have made my life sooo much better. Screw two jobs. At this point I’m thinking that I can be ok with not being 100% paid off with all my divorce debt by the time I turn 30. Miracles can still happen. Like this one…

Mom’s previous visit with the CT scanner at the oncologists came back with her tumors shrinking 50%. That was three months ago. Today she found out that her cancer has shrunk 70% MORE on top of that. It looks like the experimental drugs are working! Her doctor is thinking about writing a paper on this since her cancer accounts for only 1% of all the cancers in the world and no one knows how to treat it (endometrial stromal sarcoma stage 4B, if you’re interested). Most people are dead within 6 months of discovering this cancer at this stage.   Mom found hers on October 6, 2004.  (Almost) Three fucking years people! Awesome!

I’m convinced, this week anyways, that life is awesome.

New Study from Cambridge: Bad moods are caused by lack of sleep

You know what really sucks – not sleeping and having a super busy schedule at work.  The only day I could have even thought about taking a “sick” day was Monday.  Today is Tuesday and here I am.  At work.  Exhausted.  I have an important meeting today to elect officers for one of the committees.  I’m trying to get out of being secretary.  I’d like to take over treasurer or vice-president.

Tomorrow, I have some computer classes that I am teaching.  Tomorrow marks the first of six classes in the next three weeks.

Thursday, I get to sleep in until 8 AM.  I am returning to court as a witness for the state.  Have I mentioned that I will never again stop at an accident when I could possible be called as a witness, cause I won’t.

Friday, I might take a half day.  I have front desk duties which will royally suck ass.

 I just got back from a very bad lunch.  Let’s just say that the whole hour was full of the f-bomb, son of a bitch, and a few other words just to create a variety.  Ask Timmy.  He listened to all of on the phone with me.  No, it wasn’t directed towards him.  I was directing it at the Universe.  Fucking Universe. *shakes fist at the heavens*

Brain Mush

Not a whole lot has been going on in the real world.  I’ve been working my buttocks off.  Fortunately, I’ve had the last two days off.  I need it!

Facebook has captured my attention once again.  They have added apps to the set up and there are many things I’d like to get myself into.  I mean, come on, a virtual food fight?  How could I pass that up?

I got and submitted my paperwork for the Boll Weevil Jamboree in Marshville for this September 15th.  If you live in the Charlotte area, you must satisfy your curiosity and come see a true small town festival.  I’ll be a vendor there for the first time.   Come and give me some support and listen to some pretty awesome bluegrass music!

I’ve been blowing through some good books recently.  James Patterson has been my “obsession” lately.  If the library would keep all his books in stock I could make better time.

Sadly, nothing truly interesting is going on.  Maybe I need to set up a stunt to create some entertainment over here…