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I’m a copycat

and a once a week blogger, apparently…


Its my birthday, Ya’ll!

I am posting today not just because it is Friday the 13th, but because its my birthday! I am turning a graceful 29 and I am making plans for the next year. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions I make birthday resolutions. This year I plan to

  • Stop biting my nails and let my hands be nice.
  • Give up acrylic nails…
  • Take better care of my skin and hair
  • Become more high maintenance
  • Earn my A+ Certification
  • Increase my random knowledge
  • Be out of debt by my 30th birthday

As you can see it is a really wide range of things that I’d like to do.  I’ve already started on the nails and A+ thing.  I even painted my nails an awesome red for today’s event.  As for the random knowledge – I love trivia and I plan on learning so many new facts that everyone else thinks is silly.  Do you really think it is silly that I know that I share a birthday with a past President?  Happy birthday President Lincoln!

Five words that make me miserable

I am on a diet.

*sigh* With all of the self improvements that I have been working on I though that maybe I should work on the whole weight thing. You know, like I’ve given up the thought that it is going to go away on its own.

I can honestly say that this will be the first time I haven’t dreaded the diet. I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon. There have been so many things going on in life that make me fear for things; my health, my skin.

A co-worker had a little diabetic paralysis last week which got me thinking about my pre-diabetes and my cholesterol. I’m on a diet to fix that. I know I’m a much less miserable person when my blood sugar is stable.

Next, mom found a melanoma on her back. Rather – I found it and I want to puke thinking about it. So, that makes BOTH of my parents who have had skin cancer and those moles and freckles covering my body? Very suspicious… Good thing I’ve already had three removed. You can bet I’m going for the arsenic make-up look of the Victorian Era.
Pale is the new Pink!

I’ve been reprimanded at work for reading. I guess that person who tattled on me must really not know anything at all about my job. Hello?! I have nothing to do during the day and now you just made my days a million. times. longer! So, I decided I’m going to keep a “real-life blog”. You know, a journal. I’ve been meaning to get back into writing short stories and this time I actually want to go through with having them published.

I wanted to go back and find details on a specific thing and I realized that with all the moving and deleting of blogs and stuff, I’ve deleted my online life. I can’t go back and remember anything that’s happened. Well, I can remember, but not good.

On a last note – if the girl in the cube across from me farts one more time…
I’m not holding in the laughter that will ultimately embarrass her.