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Breaking the habit

Mark today as the first day of quitting biting my nails and my cuticles and the skin around my nails. Ok, I should probably mention this is my obsessive compulsive disorder. I honestly can not stop biting something. If I’m not biting on my hands I’m biting on the inside of my mouth. Its no wonder my shoulders feel like rocks – I a gigantic bundle of nerves!
I bought some stop biting stuff for my fingers. I pretty much had to dip the whole tip of my finger into the bottle – well, I would’ve if I could’ve. I used the brush applicator instead.
The bottle says to continue to use 3 months after stopping biting your nails. At what point do I consider it stopped? Will it be when I no longer have the desire to bite or is it from today? (And why can’t they make a magic polish like this for eating?)
I have a feeling this is going to be harder than when I quit smoking. Because even now I want cigarettes, but since it involves going out and buying a pack, I don’t. Well, and because I quit too, ya know.
Maybe I can do more Fafarazzi teams to break me of this nail biting habit…


The sky is falling

Today is one of those days when I wonder how on earth I manage to stay alive. I wish I had more time to explain today, but I’m afraid I’ll find the RED button and my computer will self-destruct in my face…

I shoulda used bullets

I hate going a whole day without internet.  I had a great day though in my NCSSA district meeting.  I won several door prizes.  I must brag that I lurve me some trivia.  My brain holds the strangest information.  Caesar’s death, King of England during the Revolutionary War, the year the ACC was founded…   For the rest of the basketball questions I just answered Carolina.  You can’t go wrong with Carolina Blue!

Speaking of basketball.  What’s up Duke fans?!  Booyah!  Also?  Did you have to let me down so badly?  I had Duke going to at least the Sweet 16 in my bracket.  Thanks to Coach K’s boys I’m now off in score.

I’m off now to work on my election bio.  I’m running for the NCSSA district secretary/treasurer.  This will be the first year in a while we’ve had an election for two offices.  I’m glad to have this opportunity.  I’m also going to be voting for myself.  (I like free trips to Raleigh and the mountains)

Another thing

We saw 300 over the weekend. What an awesome movie! Granted I like other graphic novel-turned movie flicks. The blood – definitely cgi. The acting – pretty darn awesome. The boobs and nip shots – gratuitous. All in all – I’m wanting to go see it again in the theater.

I loved the Xerxes with his piercings and chains and guns of steel. I watched the podcast of the behind the scenes for the movie and they showed the workout the Spartan wannabes had to endure. That explained why everyone had at least a six pack. I was wondering whether or not they had to air brush them in, but I guess not?

The past

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! We’ve been reaching the high 70s to low 80s. I love this time of year once I get over my allergies. My rose garden at my mom’s house needed some major pruning and I spent last Saturday doing just that. My climbing roses are going to be giant this year. I could only cut them back to a height of roughly five feet. Last year they were close to 15 feet once the growing season was over.
I learned a big lesson about watching which way the timber falls! Those climbing roses may be beautiful, but they are full of thorns! More than an average cutting rose plant. It was very interesting to try to untangle the right side of my body from the major stem I had cut off the plant. If there were any neighbors home, I’m sure they got a funny moment with me trying to reach the loppers off the ground to help get it off of me.
Later that night I had supper with a bunch of people that I grew up with. One – Angela – is getting married and we all were taking the time to get to know her fiance. Her wedding is in less than two weeks now and I’m looking forward to going out of town.

Is that a purple cow in the corner?

Do you ever have those weeks? You know the ones. The ones where you don’t sleep for several days and then you start becoming a little weird. And by weird I mean giggling at nothing other than thinking about the Orbit gum commercial (which aren’t funny, but my mouth does feel clean). I’m using the gum as an agent to keep me awake.
I’m looking forward to the days where we get flying cars ala The Jetson’s and I can go on auto-pilot to get to work.
And ahhh… my job continues to amuse me. I’m reading a report about a man who was beaten and run over by a car. Yesterday we had another report come in and we got several different stories from the one reporter. The not so amusing part – IT passed me over for the job and had the audacity to say I didn’t even know how to burn a disk. Um, hello? Of course I can. Why do you think I asked you specifically for CD-RW (not CD-R) disks, you bunghole?
More has happened, but the lack of sleep has left me not wanting to do anything. I hate insomnia with a burning passion. I wish I didn’t have to break my addiction to sleeping pills. The world would be alright if I could still take them. I miss my little blue pills.

Oops! I did it again!

Make Britney your point earner. Come try Fafarazzi. Trust me, you’ll love it and then never want to leave!

Right round, baby right round

It looks like I might be joining Curves. For many years I have scoffed at the idea of a circuit workout. Now that I have gained 25 pounds past my scoffing point and am beginning to cry, I better get my butt in gear.
I really don’t want to get into too much detail about weight loss here. I did the whole weight loss blawg thing a couple of years ago. It was ok. There was some support, but just not the way I wanted to go with things. Yeah, I need some major support, but I think that the ladies from work that will be attending with me will be plenty.
I’ve gained 65 pounds since 2000. 70 since high school graduation. 25 heavier than my previous highest weight ever. I think I have right reason to be depressed. Now I’m going to do something about it.

Allergy talk

I’m going to be a little dramatic. I think I’m dying. I have gone off the Allegra (which has been my lifesaver for the past three years) due to my stupid insurance company’s policy. I’m tired of getting name brand Allegra. I’d much rather have the free generic Allegra. Nope! Not for them. Just because someone is sueing someone and the trademark may be under some sort of something. yeah, they were that vague explaining it to me too.
So, I’m sick. The redbud trees and daffodils are blooming. Any sort of scent sets my nasal track on fire. Air blowing on my face sends me into a sniffing and sneezing idiot.
I’m so miserable, and this misery would love some company. How are your seasonal allergies?

Posting at night

Check me out! I’m actually making an effort! 🙂

I think things at work are finally going to calm down. I still have many meetings to attend, but I finished all those pesky projects. My bosses act like they own me or something. Jeez!

This past Saturday I attended at recognition party for my boyfriend. He got his ten year award! My sweet Timmy! The reason I mention this is because I wanted to tell you that I tried scallops for the first time. I know, I know. You’re all shocked. Let me tell you – I have an aversion to seafood. I tried sushi once and had to spit it out in my napkin – at a work function. What is it with work people trying to be all fancy and stuff?
So, scallops. Not so good. Really spongy texture. Don’t worry. Since we were at a golf club and had more than one fork on the table I kept it in my mouth. I need a sense of adventure for food.

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