It has been a very, very long time since I’ve been around here. I wish I had a good excuse other than “I just don’t feel up to it.” My jewelry has been keeping me busy. It has become something much more than a hobby. It is almost a full blown business! I will be renting a booth with someone at a local store (Like Black Lion for those of you in the Charlotte area – I wish I could afford Black Lion rent!)
I am also really into my video games. I got another one for Valentine’s Day and I am just addicted to Viva Pinata. Ok, I’m really addicted to any game that I play, but whatever.
Work has really been challenging. Being chairman isn’t as cool as I thought. Again, whatever. so, I’m just chugging along – really happy that I had Brittney on one of my Fafarazzi teams – go Team Brit!


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