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Wanting to have a mild Britney moment.*

Let the record show that I am recording my insanity first before I made a bad decision. I’m feeling a little, well, depressed and crazy. My hair is my target. It’s about to go. What is it with long hair? I always have such nappy long hair. Shorter is better. Shaved – not good. Have no worries there. So, with all that being said – I’m getting my hair cut and colored. Half professional and half home-grown. Maybe I’ll post pictures. Interestingly enough – a year ago this time I made another drastic hair decision that I completely hated. At least this time I can finally get that perm out of my hair and get rid of the nappiness.

On an inside joke note – See Timmy? I do sit here and write and not proof-read for errors and insanity! 🙂

*without all the drugs and alcohol and rehab…


Work happens

Oh man. After weeks of working on this project I finally released it and it will go live next Thursday. I am so nervous about my baby being public! I can only imagine the angry calls and emails I will get about it.

On a cooler note – the IT job finally came open and the administrator over that unit came and personally asked me to apply. Nice! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

It has been a very, very long time since I’ve been around here. I wish I had a good excuse other than “I just don’t feel up to it.” My jewelry has been keeping me busy. It has become something much more than a hobby. It is almost a full blown business! I will be renting a booth with someone at a local store (Like Black Lion for those of you in the Charlotte area – I wish I could afford Black Lion rent!)
I am also really into my video games. I got another one for Valentine’s Day and I am just addicted to Viva Pinata. Ok, I’m really addicted to any game that I play, but whatever.
Work has really been challenging. Being chairman isn’t as cool as I thought. Again, whatever. so, I’m just chugging along – really happy that I had Brittney on one of my Fafarazzi teams – go Team Brit!

Doncha wish your league was cool like mine?

Join today!

Catch up time

It seems that the country has been in a complete freeze. It is f-ing freezing down here! I tried to go for my nightly walk – outside, mind you – and I had to turn back 10 minutes in. I’ve been able to brave the past few weeks, but this one really is a doozy!

Work has really been – well – hard. IT dude turned in his two week notice. I’m applying for that job. We are getting new carpet in the whole agency and I’ve been drafted to hook and un-hook computers and phone lines. Apparently, that also includes moving furniture.

I’m ready to call in for a mental health day. But I’m saving that time up in case Timmy gives me a cruise for Valentine’s Day. *hint hint* Actually, it looks like he will be getting a puppy (and hopefully a kitten too! *hint hint*) for v-day.

It’s been an interesting adjustment living with him. I’d have to say the most challenging part is smelling Korean food. Who knew that something as good as rice cake (not to be confused with rice cakes that you eat on a diet) could smell so horrible when fried. Blech! I do have to say that sticky rice is soooo much better than that Uncle Ben’s crap I’ve been fed my whole life. I love eating meals of just rice and veggies! Who needs meat?!

As you can see, I finally have internet after work and this has to be the best addition to my life. I’m thoroughly happy – Tivo and internet. A girl can sleep good now! 🙂

You so silly!

Today has been crazy! The building is getting new carpet. All the cubes must be packed up and the computers have to be unhooked. I got pulled as the un-hooker and re-hooker. But not in a dirty way! 🙂 It took me until noon to finish cleaning out my desk and pack it up. I have this desk so clean I can see it shining. I’m now trying to figure out how we are going to move our protective services cases. I can’t find the cleaning guy and his hand truck anywhere. And my freakishly strong legs can’t do squat for this job.
I’m totally loving my Fafarazzi team. Sure I’m in last place, but I have five weeks to make it up. I have some juicy people so I’m expecting some good points sometime.
I think I’m going to clean my phone now. I already cleaned this keyboard (by taking out each letter…) and I’m on a warpath against dust and grime! Grrr!

I love snow days

I got to sleep in until 1:30 today. I can’t remember the last time I actually slept that long. I knew I wasn’t feeling well recently. This sleep has made me feel like a whole ‘nother person. I think I may go back to bed soon!