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Freak out

I have my presentation tomorrow. I just got my material today – at 4:45pm. Fortunately, it is a flow chart so I have my note laid out well enough to follow, but I was just elected head of the committee. I still don’t know what I’m doing.

And how much did I love having a 40-something woman apologize to me for not having the material earlier. I could get used to this power, you know…



Hi. My name is Anna and I’m a quitter.

It took 28 (almost 29 years) for me to realize that I quit when the going gets tough. I’ve had a lot of things going on recently and I have given up so quickly on them. I almost gave up again last night, but I realized that it will take work and patience. It appears I am only patient in traffic.
I’m a little surprised at myself for being such a shallow person. It may not be a surprise to all of you though. I will be trying harder now. I will allow myself some cool-off time. AND I’m going to allow chocolate to be part of my diet since PMS is kicking my butt all over the place this month.
Watch me, support me as I quit being a quitter…

Blah days

I am sooo dang tired. My body is really out to confuse me. I think some of it is the stress from moving households. I think some of it is because my tivo isn’t set up yet and my season pass shows start back tomorrow!
Or it could just be that it is that time of month and I am about to be a whining baby.
I got a lot done this weekend. I spent money that I shouldn’t have spent. Isn’t that just a fact of life? I am, however, returning the not so important stuff. This time I’ll be leaving Target with money in my pocket rather the other way around.

Because I have to say something…

There isn’t one thing that I hate more than my insomnia. Since I recently moved and have a whole new sleeping environment I haven’t slept worth a crap. I don’t have my pillows yet; I don’t have my soft sheets. Plus? Timmy and his brother are too dedicated to their video games for me to get in any quality playing time. I’m itching to play FFXII.

In other news…
Our Fafarazzi team begins next week! Join for the points! Join for the fun! Join because I said so! Technically, email me and I’ll add you to the team – or leave a comment.

New tunes

Ok. I’ve had time to wake up. I added a new design to this place – something a little less chilling. I’m ready for spring to come around already!
Over to your right you will see a new widget – Sonific SongSpot. I will not have this on automatic start so I do not bombard you with music. However, if you’d like to hear the independent music tunes, help yourself. I’m in a yogic mood today so don’t get too excited about my choice. Plus, I recognized only two artists in the catalog.

Don your tinfoil hats for this one (also known as the short bus is what I rode to work today)

Boo! I bet you all have just been waiting for me to say something. To say, “I’m here!” Apparently, there was a MAN imposed internet block placed upon us. I say The Man because, well I work for The Man and The Man is in charge here. I’d like to wear tinfoil so they can’t track my thoughts, but it would be worthless as they got all my info when I said I’d work for the government. I’m doomed.
And yes, my Ambien apparently still has full effect on my brain right now.
That being said, I’m back! Maybe I’ll blog, maybe I won’t. It all depends on how threatened I feel by The Man that day. Today? Ambien fog keeps any threat from getting me. Maybe I should drink some coffee and wear this off.

I’m done with ebay now

Lisa Martin from Michigan, ebay seller id msugirl99, yahoo email address

GO THE FUCK TO HELL! and give me my money back!

Armed & Not-So-Famous

Did anyone else see Armed & Famous last night? Holy Moley! I want to talk about it so if you don’t care or if you haven’t seen it… don’t click below.

… continue reading this entry.

Link Love

There isn’t a whole lot going on today. I just thought I’d share some links that have become some of my favorites. And, YES, I realize that I may be a day late, dollar short on some, but they will always hold a special place in my bookmarks.

  • Fafarazzi League
    Thank the Snarkwife for this wonderful link
  • youparklikeanasshole (seen yesterday at another blog)
  • iPhone – I love you
  • Stuff+Cats=Awesome Because I love this site
  • I love the random

    You know what bugs me? The fact that you don’t realize how much you use something until it is gone. For example: my scissors. I gave my pair to a co-worker so I wouldn’t have to walk to the supply closet right then. That was way before Christmas. I still don’t have a new pair. How lazy am I? Guess who needs a pair of scissors right about now?

    Also. I have had this nagging ear ache since I went up north. At that time I put it off to the cold wind blowing in my ears, but since it has been two weeks back home and I still have the nagging pain – I think it is time to call in the doctor. I tried calling the triage nurse, but the same as last time she never called me back. How lame.

    I am now I’m looking into selling my jewelry in local salons and spas. I do have a few things listed online on another website. The address is not being given out at this point. I’m still really shy about this. I wish I had more marketing bones in my body. I wish I had gotten over my shyness a long time ago. Maybe that’s why I love the internet people so much. So, give me a few days to take better pictures of my inventory and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll share my collection with you. Also? If you go to Flickr, you’ll see some xmas gifts shown there.

    Also? I must mention this. Ever since I got started with Kingdom of Loathing, I have been on a quest for cool stuff. It took a while to get Timmy to understand what I was talking about when I talked about my +10 hat (or sword or chalice or even ring). He finally understood and last night I had to boast to him that I gained a +35 sword in Final Fantasy. Does this officially make me a geek?

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