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Belated love from me to you!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty absent for the past few days. I’ve been getting a grand tour of Pennsylvania. From the North West to the South East. I will be enjoying a walking tour of Philly. I will more than likely have my very first Philly Cheesesteak from Jim’s. (I’ve been instructed on how to order.)
I keep asking for sweet tea. Dude! There is NO sweet tea anywhere up here!
I’m currently enjoying an awesome laptop with wi-fi capabilities and realize I have a million things going on. I’m sure most everyone is working and this is late notice, but if you are in Philly… we’ll be checking out the historic area and the art museum.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a safe New Years!
*kisses and hugs*


Not enough hours in the day

How did it get to less than a week from Christmas? Does Time not know about everything I need to do, everything I need to finish? I have to pack! I have to, like, wash my clothes before I pack them. I have to finish making gifts and orders. I have to get past this stupid section in my game that keeps killing every. single. one. of the members of my “party.” Stupid battery mimics.

Nerd attire to follow

I’ve gone over to the dark side. Ok, it’s not really dark. It is more like “your boyfriend calls you a nerd” side. I bought and currently lurve Final Fantasy XII. Lurve!
And yes, he really called me a nerd. I tried to point out to him that his game Oblivion – it is the same thing! Nerd material! I guess we’re just a couple of nerds in love.
Now I’m not wanting to leave the PS2 any time soon. Ten days away from my game? I don’t know if that is possible…

I need a new catch phrase

After two days of a lovely stomach bug, I’m back at work. I guess the good thing is I’m able to take it easy today, since I don’t look all that great. I’m not sure if I should take that as it is or be offended.
In just a week from today I will be preparing to leave for my first trip to PA. I checked the weather forecast and there are possible snow showers expected the day we leave. Woo hoo! If you are looking for me, I’ll be the idiotic southerner playing in the snow while the northern family looks on in disbelief. I’m totally going Calvin and Hobbes with my snowmen again this year.
I’ll be around the Pittsburgh area one day. I don’t think any of my readers are in Pittsburgh. I know Philly for sure, but I don’t think we’ll be traveling that way. Too bad for you!
In my time of illness I had a great desire to veg out in front of the PS2. Unfortch for me, I only have the two games that I’m done with. Today I took advantage of Blockbuster’s 2 for $10 deal. Hey – if I’m renting them I might as well get my money’s worth. I wish I had more patient for the cooler games that Timmy plays like The Godfather (which looks totally awesome) and Call of Duty. I’m still wanting to get on board with World of Warcraft. Something tells me I need more hours in the day if I’m going to complete everything I want to do in a day. Think it’s possible to play PSP at the gym while on the treadmill?

Doing my duty

I know I should give blood. It helps save lives. However…
I feel like crap every. single. time. I. give. blood. The needle site hurts like a son-of-a-bitch and I am so wiped out now. The past few times, my iron level has been low. Today, I’m not clotting well. I didn’t know your fingers could bleed enough to fill up a band aid.
I’m so tired from not sleeping last night and now I feel like grade-a poop. It’s up in the air whether or not I’ll give in 51 or so days. If it is anything like this time I will have forgotten about all of this when the time comes around.

Business expands

Woo hoo! I have my first teaching class! I’ve been asked to demonstrate making bracelets and earrings for youth group girls to give to their mom’s for Christmas. How cool is that? This completely helps build up my self-confidence about this. What a relief! Now I’m not so afraid to give these for Christmas…


This is a cross-post from MySpace.

I’ve been sitting on this info for a couple of days. Didn’t know what to do with it. So, here it is.

Just a little update. (with some background for those of you who don’t know)
Some of you may know that my mom was diagnosed October 6, 2004 with endometrial stromal sarcoma. It has metastasized and spread to both of her lungs. She is stage 4-b which is terminal. The doctors really didn’t have much of a time frame, but gave her a pretty decent average. She has been under-going CT scans every six months to monitor the nodules in her lungs since those will be the cancer that kills her.
On December 6, Mom found out that her lung cancer has grown 70% since May.
Stromal sarcoma’s do not respond well to traditional cancer treatments. Mom cannot have chemo or radiation as the amount of poison it would take to eradicate the cancer would kill her. Tamoxifin is no longer reigning in her estrogen (which is what her cancer is feeding on).
There is an experimental treatment that works on intestinal stromal sarcomas. Mom will be under-going a genetic marker test to determine if she carries the type that will respond to this treatment. The treatment cost? $2500.00 per month.
Basically, no one knows what to do. This type of cancer is so rare that doctors really don’t know how to treat it since most patients who are diagnosed with this level of cancer are dead within six months.
I’m still really numb. It usually takes me about a month to process this type of information. At least it did the first time. I figure I better get the facts out while I still can. If you have any suggestions…
Please pray or think good thoughts, send karma, anything.

Busy Bee

I’m am hoping like heck that the projectile vomit that showered me last night does not infect my system. I am looking at a $300 week in jewelry if I can deliver by early next week.

Back to the vomit thing. It was my niece and my shoulder (and boob) having it out. My doctor ok’d a prescription for phenergan. See – I have this huge, irrational fear of being sick. Like cry like a baby until I feel sicker fear. I know – real genius.

I’m hoping I can finish all these jewelry things and get things to settle down so I won’t have wasted this $8.50 on a stinking video game I rented (Ice Age 2) (that I love – hint, hint, hint). 🙂

Woo Hoo!

Not carpal tunnel syndrome. My nerves are perfectly fine. *phew!* I’m trying to figure out which was worse – the electric fence at home or the electric test in my elbow. We may have a tie here!

Tomorrow I go in for blood work to rule out an auto-immune disease. Rheumatoid arthritis runs in the family so it very well may be that.

The great news is I didn’t get the cease and desist from the doc to stop playing video games. If only my time wasn’t taken up making jewelry. (Which I got some rocking beads today and will be showing off some rocking earrings! Woo!)

However, I’m counting down the minutes so I can go home and take a pain pill. I’m not about to drive my niece around while on Darvocet.

Of game and bead

Today is the big day. It is the day I get my nerve test and find out whether or not this is carpal tunnel or arthritis. I think I’d rather have arthritis – it won’t progress as quickly and it shouldn’t hamper my computer addiction. However, it could have a big impact on the jewelry making.

The jewelry “business” is going well. I’ve sold well over 30 bracelets and earrings and have several orders for necklaces. This all started as something that was going to be a simple family thing. Now that my co-workers have seen what I can do it has mutated into something a lot bigger than I was expecting. I’m not much on selling myself. I’m still painfully shy (the drugs really don’t help that) and I don’t feel as if I’m making something that great. At the same time I feel that I’m selling myself short. I know I could be making a lot more money if I’d have faith in myself and try to jack up the prices. People aren’t even blinking when I say $20 a piece!

The bad part? It’s cutting into my video game time. Hello? I’m almost done with Lego Star Wars and Ice Age 2 is calling my name! And I have a desire to start playing WoW (World of Warcraft). I know, total dork. But I love my video games! It keeps me sane. I wish we could get internet other than dial-up out in the boonies.

I wonder if I can get this doctors appointment to run into my lunch time so I can take an extended lunch…

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