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Civics lesson

There is a slight possibility that I may or may not have pink eye courtesy of my grubby hands niece. So far there is no gunk, but I’ve got an itch and a serious case of paranoia.

My jewelry “business” is doing well so far. As long as I keep buying in bulk I will keep turning a profit. I’ve sold two sets and have three more orders! I hope I can keep up with demand…
All I can think of is the law of supply and demand. My supply is low since I just started. There is going to be a high demand for more if I don’t get my act together soon. Apparently I need to apply for a license of sorts if I plan to sell at this shop.

This is enough to keep me occupied for a while.


Top 5 in happiness

I forgot to mention it when I saw it. Missy made the Stuff on my Cat website! Yay!
Here she is in all her glory…
(click to embiggen)
Missy and Kermit

Top 5 in interestingness

I had a really interesting thing to say this morning. And then the internet wouldn’t work… again.

Oh wait – I remember! Jewelry! So, I’ve started a new hobby. It is a slightly expensive hobby since I need supplies and such. I’m making jewelry. I’ve always loved it, but never found anything that I would wear on a daily basis. Now that I have figured out the basics things are looking up. Especially since I have several orders for bracelets and necklaces. I’ve been looking for a way to make more money. Too bad I have to spend first.

I guess that wasn’t too interesting. How about just cool? (Also, how cool is losing five pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday? Yes, I was trying…)


I can tell today is Cyber Monday. The internet is super slow at work today. Not that I’m shopping or making my wish list on… 🙂
I’ve been sick since Friday with a lovely head cold. Not happy with it at all. My walks the past few days have involved lots of, well, stuff. The Day-quil isn’t work so hot.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. Lots of family, food and fun. Too bad I didn’t eat more food. I’m a little disappointed in my short attention span at the table. I barely had any turkey and now it’s all gone!
I think I feel another nap coming on. Not feeling so hot.

I’m dreaming

The morning weather man uttered a word that sends the average Southerner into a panic. Combine this panic with last minute Thanksgiving shopping and you have the beginnings of mass hysteria.


That’s right. A weatherman on a certain news channel *cough*fox*cough* decided it would be funny to send us into panic. Ok, I don’t subscribe to that panic. I just figure I can live on canned food cooked over an open fire just fine. Plus, I refuse to drive in any ice or snow – you know, to save the Northerners from bitching.

Me? Not panicking, my mom? A little worried. I have $20 on her going to the store today to get water and milk (which we do need cause um, I drank the last bit today – oops!) and bread (which again – oops!) and canned food.

I’m thoroughly excited though. We never get good snow. I’m already excited about heading to PA for Christmas. I’m hoping Lake Erie will produce a white Christmas for me. I’m ready to go into my Calvin mode and build a phenomenal snow scene. 😀


Apparently, once a week postings are not enough!

I must admit that last week was a bit of a rollercoaster.   I had some really funny stuff I wanted to mention, but I’m pretty sure you had to be there.

I dyed my hair twice in those seven days.  Let’s just say that the platinum blond was an accident and now the gray from the ash blond looks so aging.  I’m in the middle of a temporary color to correct it.  I’m really glad I’m getting back to my natural color.  Much less maintence, ok, much less money.

I’d also like to admit that I’ve been hiding from someone at the gym.  And it really sucks.  I have no reason to avoid, only my own shame of weight gain.  You know, its like the whole avoiding the class reunion cause I gained like 80 pounds since graduation.  And – did you know it is possible to put on thirty pounds in six months!   WTF!

Ok, so onwards!  Better everything from here on out.  And this may or may not include blogging. 🙂

Mine, all mine

I really want to just brag on the bestest boyfriend ever!
This weekend was one of the best. He made me breakfast in bed AND helped me color my hair. He pulled all those strands through the cap!
Talk about buttering me up!
Soon there will be more bragging, but I have to get there first.

And today’s number is 2

Two things.

One.  I have to change my password every thirty days due to “security” issues.  I have a set number of passwords that I already use and am now out of fresh ideas.  We can not duplicate passwords, which really sucks!  I started using my dictionary to randomly pick one or two words to add to a random number.  Fortunately, I’m good at remembering.

Today is a day that I have to pick a new password for the state system.  Lovely.  I grab my trusty Wal-Mart dictionary (that is lacking quite a few words, thankyouverymuch) and decide to pick the first five-letter word I see.

Today’s secret word is: FECES!

I was going to keep this place poop-free, but I just can’t help it!  Fate decides the poop!  (no, I didn’t use this – I picked another word)

Second.  I totally had two ideas for a “leadership” project.  Both ideas?  Stolen by the lady who used to carpool with me and is now null and void for me.  *sigh*

When I type mice I say meese in my head

It isn’t even 9 in the morning and I have had more than plenty happen today.

Let’s start with the dog Blue. Blue is a yellow lab who thinks she is a cat. I’m not just referring to the whole “I can fit in your lap, really!” mentality. She is one of the best mousers I’ve seen.
I’ve been tormenting her the past couple of days by saying the word mouse. Her ears perk up and her nose hits the ground. By God, she will find the mouse.
A few weeks ago we found a mouse randomly dead in the kitchen (must have been the poison). Mice are like deer, you see one look for others.
This morning Blue was standing in front of the pantry, ears perked. I opened it and within five minutes she had caught the mouse and presented it to us. Of course Blue got the good girl deal and some treats. I had to pick up the mouse and throw it away because mouse disposal is “not part of her job.” Whatever.
Mice are really soft. Did you know that? And what’s up with me being cool picking up a mouse? Ok, I probably should mention that last fall I used to pick up the dead mice and thrown them for the cats to try to teach them to catch mice. So far, it hasn’t worked.
Don’t worry, I picked up today’s mouse with a paper towel.

My guess the reason the mice are in the house today is the rain. Where’s the ark, Noah? The rain is the cause of my chill that I have going on right now. Instead of getting all dramatic and angry at my sister, let’s just say that having to put a child into a car seat in a deluge results in a soaking wet shirt, pants and underwear and no time to change. My hair that was dry and straight is now wet and curly. My shirt is stretched out to a weird shape. I’m freezing and some jerk has the AC on.

Today feels like a Monday.

I should try this with bullets

This is the part of the day when I’m usually cranking it out. I’ve got a “project” looming over my head. It is a ridiculously huge time-waster and its all because I asked for something a little more challenging at work.
Seriously, did you know I do maybe an hour’s worth of work a day. The rest of the time is spent updating my ipod or reading or blogging or reading blogs.
No, I’m not really complaining. I’m glad for the work. I’m just in a really funky mood. My deodorant scent is too strong and it is driving me nuts. My stomach won’t stop growling no matter how much I eat. I hate basic arithmetic right now.
The good things that happened today? I made almost $50 on eBay today. And? I rejoined the gym. So, I feel really cool.

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