The best part of our fund-raiser today had to be the drunk driving goggles. Our deputy sheriff was on hand to write out tickets for those people who couldn’t pass the drunk driving test. We all applied the beer goggle and went for a test.
Pretty much everyone failed, except this one lady who oddly passed with flying colors. We all have our suspicions now.
Ok, so, the best part? The best part was when the officer left us alone with the goggles. One girl, Kim. Kim put on the goggle and thought it would be fun to try to run the obstacle course. I said run.
Run she did. And after her first round she got cocky and went back for a second. As she ran by the second time, she looked over at me and another girl and gave us the “Ha!” grin. Then her foot caught the table and she took a nose dive. Funniest stuff I’ve ever seen! I almost pee’d my pants I was laughing so hard.


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  1. Katie Bonk Said:

    That sounds like fun!

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